In the multi-billion dollar market for Crypto, there are many private organizations that have entered the market since the inception of BTC in 2009. There are 3 groups of people joining the market with different roles:

1- organizations they are very good experts and very knowledgeable about Blockchain in terms of cryptocurrencies, they have leading experts in cryptography and math, they cooperate together to create a project Blockchain, after the project is born and released to the community, their project is highly appreciated and welcomed by the public, then they have the cost to continue developing the project pt ecosystem and the project is very But besides, there are many projects that came out that were not well received by the community and there was no cost to continue the project and that project failed, according to the latest statistics of Blockchain association, there are 92.8% of Blockchain projects fail.

2- Organizations of individuals participating in the role of mining:

Organizations that have economic potential, have more top algorithmic experts as well as leading technology experts, they value analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each coin and the potential for future development in terms of coins and the success of blockchain projects, they invest a lot in the mining system and mine potential coins. Then, after a few years, they return their investment and their profits increase as their coin grows strongly. In addition, there are a number of small organizations and individuals investing in mining machines, due to the weak economic potential plus not much knowledge of Blockchain technology, so they do not accurately evaluate and predict and generate The development of coins should invest in ineffective miners, plus do not know how to place the miners in the right place with cheap energy, leading to high investment costs, high fixed costs leading to losses and go bankrupt (for example, the large mining companies have their own mining machines that specialize in large quantities with manufacturing factories, so the cost of buying them is only 50% or even 20-30% of the cost of buying a machine. Pre-production pre-production. Efficiency of folding 30-70% for mass machine.)

3- Organizations and individuals participating in the role of investors to buy and sell coins:

Individual organizations that invest in coin trading are extremely risky, the coin trading market is a free trading market, not yet. Which state organization is strictly regulated with the stock market, so turn extremely risky on price, but you already know the amplitude of price fluctuations in this market is extremely large, it breaks all regulations. Law in the history of the rules of the risky trading market are indices, the market exchanges are born a lot, the majority of exchanges do not guarantee transparency for customers, security. assets for customers and stealing customers' assets lead to great losses for customers and investors because there is no strict regulation of the coin exchange of governments, plus the alliance exchanges Affiliate price of coins to make money of investors, for that reason that when participating as investors, individuals, even financial institutions are at a very high risk of losing money. big and risky.

For the above reasons, my bosses are very knowledgeable about the coin market, understand each role when participating in the market and know the risks, they are people with great financial potential. With blockchain algorithm experts, combined with strategy experts, they decided to set up a company specializing in mining because it is the most risk reduction area of ​​the Cryto market. Especially experts, they highly appreciate the ZCas project. Zcash coin uses one of the best security algorithms. In particular, the total supply of Zcash is only 21 million dong, but it must be exploited for 131 years to finish that 21 million dong. Therefore, in the future, Zcash will be extremely scarce and, importantly, Zcash owns features and technologies that are highly appreciated by Blockchain associations and leading miners in the world.
Therefore, miners are now investing huge amounts of money to build Zcash copper mining factories, because they predict the value of Zcash in the future will increase very strongly. It can even reach more than $ 5,900 per Zcash. In fact, Zcash has already hit that milestone, and that's just the beginning of it. That is why they established Mining Zcash company that focused on mining only Zcash. That is why we confidently say that the MiningZcash project is the only project in the world to help investors have a sustainable and safe benefit because we are the world's leading mining company.