MZC is coin issued by MiningZcash with a total amount of 21 million coins

1- The purpose of issuing MZC is the currency for the MiningZcash company's ecosystem with the ERC20 smart contract that will be very stable for the payment of purchases and become a popular currency for the future.
2- Mining Company ZCash brings MZC copper to the market by donating to all investors to the company's mining system with the rate of 5% of the invested capital.

Features of MZC:

1- MZC can withdraw to Trust wallet
2- MZC transfers to each other through the wallet system and can transfer to each other via the web system of the company's web accounts
3- MZC can Swap at any time with zero fee to coin: BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB XLM, ZEC, EOS, LTC, ADA ERC (When Swap MZC has automatic coin burning mode)
3- MZC serves the ecosystem:
     - Use payment of about 1.5T hotel systems worldwide
     - Used to book tickets about 400 airlines flying around the world
     - Used to buy and sell goods on 20 trading floors worldwide
     - MZC integrates smart magnetic card technology with the payment system of intermediary companies visa, master unipay


Total token supply: 21,000,000 tokens.
Token Name: Mining Zcash
Token Symbol: MZC
Token Type: ERC20
Contract Address: 0xB0400Ed84E00261AA5De23F5856835cD71574db7
Decimals: 18